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  1. An entry fee of €30.00 per team to be paid before draw.

  2. One Team per club -  Seven singles ‘scratch’ matches – players must be full members of team’s club.

  3. No player shall be eligible to compete in this event whose playing handicap is less than 5.5 on the day of the match.

  4. Players to take their position in the team by order of current handicap ie. lowest handicap first etc.

  5. Matches to consist of seven singles, home and away for Preliminary & First Round. See Covid 19 special rule for 2020 split venue for all rounds up to and including Quarter Final on main draw sheet.  Semi Final & Final to be played at Narin & Portnoo Golf Club for 2020.

  6. All matches to be played to a finish.  (Tied matches Home & Away Rounds) to be settled by sudden-Death finish.  The Captains to nominate the players for same before the match. In the absence of such an agreement the last match to finish will continue to a sudden death conclusion form 1st Tee.

  7. All results to be returned in detail by winning Captain to the Convenor for recording.

  8. Matches to be played before designated dates as mutually agreed by the Captains. First drawn team to play at home first or as mutually agreed between captains.

  9. The Committee of Officers decision in any matter in dispute is to be final.

  10. Hospitality after matches to be agreed by the Team Captain.

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