1. Payment of Entry and Affiliation Fees in advance of play.

  2. One Team per club -  Five Fourball matches.

  3. League to be on a knockout basis (home and away). In the event of a tie in matches, holes-up count. (ie. It is not necessary to complete holes, i.e. if a match is won 5 & 4, the match result is 5 holes up).  If in the event of a tie in the match and in the holes up count the tie will be decided by the last match to finish will play to a sudden death finish. See Covid 19 special rule for 2020 split venue for all rounds up to and including Semi-Final on main draw sheet.

  4. Sunday matches are to be avoided if possible.

  5. The maximum handicap is 17 and play must be in order of handicap. Players must be 50 years of age on or before  the date of the  match

  6. The dates must be adhered to and the home team (top named team) is responsible for arranging the match. In the event of difficulty, the Convenor should be contacted.

  7. Results must be reported to the Convenor by the winning team within two days.

  8. The decision of the Committee to be final in the event of any dispute.

  9. Hospitality after matches to be agreed by the Clubs concerned (Note Minutes of

  10. Clubs are therefore on notice that all matches must be played by the date specified to avoid elimination.  The convenor shall be informed of any dispute about dates well before the closing date for the match.  The Committee’s decision on any on any dispute is final.